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5 Must-Have Essential Oils

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When you step into Gift and Box Nantucket shop, you step into an atmosphere of calmness and wellbeing. Our secret is simple. Essential oils.

Essential oils are the extracted oils from plants and plants parts. They have been used for thousands of years as remedies, skin therapies, aromatherapies. More and more people nowadays use essential oils to make their own natural cleaning products. You will definitely see more posts with recipes here on this, but today the focus is on the list of our favorite essential oils. If you are just starting to learn about essential oils, we want to warn you, they are addictive. The second you experience the benefits, you won’t stop using them.


Lemon is famous for its antiseptic, disinfectant, calming, detoxifying, sleep-inducing properties. It helps to treat stress disorders, infections, skin disorders, insomnia, and fatigue. Besides, lemon oil is widely used as a common ingredient for household cleaning supplies. Lemon oil can also be used to clean clothing.


Lavender is probably the most common essential oil. It’s our customers’ absolute favorite in the store. Besides the fact that lavender can help treat cuts and wounds, it also helps with sleep, head and neck tension, stomach issues and motion sickness.


Eucalyptus is great for muscle relaxation and beneficial to those who suffer from bronchitis, sinusitis, congestion and asthma. It’s used in vapor medicines and warming or cooling rubs.


Tea tree oil is famous for its health benefits, and these benefits can be attributed to its properties as an antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, fungicide, and stimulant substance. Tea tree oils is widely used in skin care and hair care products. Acne control, hair loss or dandruff control, even ear infection treatment- tea tree oil can help with it.


Sweet orange oil is an anxiety calmer and mood booster. Among other benefits of sweet orange oil are immune system enhancement, natural antibacterial agent for cleaning and skincare, natural ant repellant, blood pressure reducer, pain reducer, sleep promoter.

Lavender Roll On is our favorite.

Lavender Roll On is our favorite.