Gift and Box Nantucket

The Idea

Gift & Box Nantucket was founded out of the desire to help people understand the importance of their purchasing power. A maker herself since 2004, owner and founder Kate Ortega wanted to create a store on Nantucket filled with handmade goods created by people all over the world with a passion for what they do and a love for each product they make.

Kate aims to utilize Gift & Box Nantucket to help tourists learn about and support the small businesses and families behind these handmade goods. 

100% Handmade

As the owner of Gift & Box Nantucket and a Maker herself, Kate believes creating handmade, ethically sourced products that you are proud of helps make the world a better place. That is why Kate researches and interviews each Maker that is brought into the Gift & Box Nantucket family to make sure they share these values. Kate takes time to learn the history of the product, why it was made and what the Maker is passionate about. She started her journey as a Maker when she was 9 months pregnant with her first child and needed a creative outlet so she is so grateful to be able to support other Makers with similar stories on their journey. 

Curated Gifts

In edition to highlighting all of these amazing Makers, Gift & Box Nantucket aims to save you time by creating a line of curated gift boxes that you will be proud to give and you loved one will be excited to receive. From Babyshowers to Hostess Gifts, Birthdays to Just Because, no matter the occasion there is a Gift Box for it. As Gift & Box Nantucket grows we will be adding more and more Gift Boxes to our line as well as making them available for sale on our website. Stay tuned!